With the concurrence of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, a scheme called the “Financial Ombudsman, Sri Lanka” has been established. The commencement date was 1st of December 2003. The first Ombudsman is Mr. Walter Laduwahetty a well known Lawyer and retired Judge.

Mr. U. Mapa succeeded Mr. Walter Ladduwahetty . A lawyer by profession, retired judge, Public Trustee and Functioned as Financial Ombudsman for four years.

The present holder of this office is Mr. Ananda Kumaradasa
The Ombudsman's Office is located at:

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  Address: No 143A, Vajira Road,
Colombo 5.
  Telephone: +94 11 259 5624  
  Telefax: +94 11 259 5625  
  Email: fosril@sltnet.lk  
  Website: www.financialombudsman.lk  
Form A
To be used for complaints to the Financial Institutions / Branch / Head Office.      
Form B
To be used for complaints to the Ombudsman.      

The Financial Ombudsman has the power to inquire into and settle any complaints and disputes between individual customers and the financial institutions covered by the Ombudsman Scheme.

The financial institutions that are voluntarily participating in this scheme are only those regulated and supervised by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. Currently they consist of the following –

  • Licensed Commercial Banks
  • Licensed Specialised Banks
  • Registered Finance Companies supervised by the Central Bank
  • Primary Dealers licensed with and supervised by the Central Bank
  • Leasing Companies licensed with and supervised by the Central Bank

The Ombudsman will be known as "The Financial Ombudsman, Sri Lanka".

The Financial Ombudsman is a person of high repute with experience in Banking and Financial Services. He has been selected by a panel of representatives from the Central Bank, the Securities Exchange Commission, the Institute of Chartered Accountants, the Bar Association, the Organisation of Professional Associations and a representative of the participating financial institutions.




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